Sunday, 7 March 2010

Up, Up, and Away

Peter Pan flew in a huff on March 6 tired of London's grime and slime. Off to mysterious Budapest, beckoning with its post-communist and interesting culture. From the airport, barren trees greet tourists (Spring?) who had to contend with drizzles of snowflakes. Below freezing at 6pm. Brrrrr. The Marriott is tasteful and conveniently located; no regrets staying.

Those who'd like to visit Franz Lizst's roots and music must come here. The Romanesque architecture reminds of a horror movie set while the Renaissance art closely resembles much of Europe's. It is amazing that the original buildings have been preserved especially those that remind of the oppression and cruelty of the communist era. These are juxtaposed with today's commercialism as most of luxury and fast moving brands are available here. One can quickly scan the historical monuments -- the Castle, Parliament, etc. -- in a day. Transport systems are well organized and cheap even if not as glamorous and colorful as those found in more prominent European capitals. Currency is still the Forint, appears cheaper to buy things here against places where the Euro (or the pound!) prevails. Food isn't bad either. The people are helpful, if they can understand you.

No more than three days for Peter Pan here. Again. . . . up, up, and . . . .!

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