Monday, 29 March 2010


Suddenly, I noticed that my face was unusually dirty almost sending shockwaves through my body. Apparently, I have not been looking closely at my face until I came face-to-face (pun!) with it while shopping in an Adidas store tonight. While fitting on some garments, I had the benefit of a full-length mirror up close bathed beneath bright lights. Run!

Thanks to The Spa -- caught them in time for a much needed facial which I haven't had for years!! The facial treatment wasn't easy as anybody who's had one will attest to. Without doubt, the facial therapist was patient and deft at cleaning up the debris. Sixty minutes after and I was again ready to face the world.

It's not easy to be a movie star (not that I'm one) or any kind of celebrity if one has to have twice-a-month facials. Sports figures are subjected to even more stringent troubles considering the heat, sweat, and pollution in every game. Showers and warm baths won't cleanse your face as effectively.

Some may call that vanity but this case was an important step towards taking good care of one's self. Indulge once in a while.

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