Sunday, 25 March 2012

Apple Juice

In my last trip, I had the luxury of choosing which airline to fly with. That's because not one among my favorites flies to my famed (?) destination. Hence, no frequent flyer credits despite the very long haul. I settled for a well-known carrier with global awards and distinctions.

Only to find out that they did not have any apple juice with them! What? Is this a religious thing?

That's right, I was not being a wimpy by asking for apple juice but I suffered from an unusual bout of hyperacidity just before boarding and throughout the sequence of flights. I had also discovered sometime ago that apple juice calms down the stomach acids unlike orange or tomato juices which I had been offered as substitutes.

It is not fun knowing that hyperacidity could be triggered anytime by the usual suspects in the food and drinks that you take. Those who have and had been there would know how unpleasant it feels -- air inside, occasional pain, gurgles, etc. Sure modern medication can stamp out the acids over time but one gets wary of taking alcohol and spicy food afterwards.

To many, it may only sound as if conscious eating habits are the way out of it but what about the pressures of life which are triggers just the same. I can still take alcohol but won't know what levels may be tolerated and that definitely rules out binge drinking. Oh!

Apple juice is thankfully okay.


  1. I'll take note of that though the only problem is I don't eat "apples." Yes it's a juice I know but still...
    Anyway if it'll help ease the sudden attack of hyperacidity then why not. And I totally get you :D

  2. I tried the apple juice pero it didn't work. :/

  3. Too bad that it didn't. Is medication in order?

  4. I get that sometimes too. I didn't know apply juice helps pala..

    And can I just say, ang first world ng problem na 'to ha! lolz