Monday, 26 April 2010

Lucky Lukas

My friend Noel suggested that I drizzle this post with some salt just so I could drive readership along. Here goes. While in Budapest last month for an assignment with the 'Time Out' publications, I got an out of the blue message from my editor who asked me to interview Lukas Ridgeston allegedly residing in that City. Off I went to do desk research on the subject and well . . . wasn't this interesting. Will I be lucky to do it?

It was easy finding the BelAmi (beautiful friend) studio-offices which was just one brief tram ride from my hotel right along the river Danube. On the way to Boraros ter (target interview location), I feasted as well on lovely sights of the City. It was like going back in time when one takes public transport (tram, metro,bus) in Budapest. The vehicles seemed to be remnants of the Communist era and that adds to the quaint odd experience.

On arrival at a Greek cafe to meet the interviewee, I not only feasted on great food but on the wonderful Lukas too. Don't get me wrong; by that I meant 'feasted' on the conversation and interview material.

While I wouldn't divulge here the full text of the interview due to be published sometime, I had been informed by Lukas that he'd finished a university degree in architecture which has made him contribute to the construction of the BelAmi facilities. Today, he doesn't appear in any of the BelAmi productions anymore but shoot, direct, or edit the videos for internet purchases. He as a matter of personal policy has reserved acting roles to the younger talents and decided to take on a production role in the company.

Yes, he does have those icy blue eyes that pierce you with every stare. Yes, he has a special someone in his life right now. Yes, he wishes to visit Asia and unfortunately hasn't heard much about Southeast Asia beyond Thailand and Indonesia. Yes, I made him interested in Boracay as he is a wakeboarding enthusiast (shouldn't he go to Caramoan instead?). Yes, he is now 35 years old but retains those looks that made him globally famous. His name and BelAmi are well-built brands in the industry. Lucky indeed.

Later he and his colleague took me to drinks at the Acqua Bar in my hotel (shouldn't I have done that?) to show their appreciation of my efforts of coming from very far to do the interview. Was I lucky?

On reflection, I thought that celebrities like him either define their careers or allow fate to take them somewhere. Lukas according to him took a while to acceed to the BelAmi invitation but once there simply went from fame to fame. Even today, his current and future lives it appears are defined by himself. Lucky Lukas.


  1. wow. i can't move past those eyes. *googling* ack! nasa office pala ako.

    i envy you. i probably would've sucked at an interview like that (not literally haha) hot people make me nervous.

  2. Lukas in lucky lukas dvd is incredible ask about this