Tuesday, 13 April 2010


While browsing through a bookstore over last weekend, I was struck by the title of this book. It dawned on me that I had received a complimentary copy of "Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard" from the Stanford University's Graduate School of Business where I went to years ago. One of the book's author in fact was among our teachers. Obviously, it got lost among the pile of "to-dos".

Being psychologists, the authors look at reasons why change is so difficult to achieve in individuals and in organizations. The book proceeds to recommend certain ways of creating lasting change and provides specific examples of success. These are the interesting elements of the book -- the stories that lead us to practical actions in daily life.

I had read the book, some parts with greater emphasis than others, and overall found it a good one. Apparently, it is the second one that I have of these authors who have proven reliable and very pragmatic. In case you might be wondering how best to deal with change without having to scan the litereature of theories, I recommend the purchase of "Switch".  


  1. I've heard about it at the office politics website. Sounds like a very interesting book, really.

  2. @Dagger Deeds Thanks for visiting this site. Talk to you soon.