Sunday, 19 September 2010


Buzzed. Passing by a bookstore last night, I was attracted to the window display which contained among others a book authored by Jefffrey Pfeffer, a former professor who brought this guy named Keith Ferrazzi to  a class session on "social connections." Keith himself wrote 'Never Eat Alone' earning him the invitation to talk about it in class. His book was written with the obvious intention of building and nurturing business connections thereby creating wealth. At home, I dug up his book which I have not read since that time he's given us autographed copies and then skimmed through some valuable insights which are shared in this post.

He says that in order to become 'interesting', one should always learn. .  .  .in order to earn more. And that content-creators (this includes bloggers) are readers, questioners, or conversationalists. He recommends quite expensive pursuits -- books and magazines, three to five conferences a year, a course or two, and developing relationships with leaders (in the field of blogging?).

Staying healthy, says Keith, makes someone interesting. Sensible. His workout regimen is five times a week (overkill?), takes a five-day vacation every other month (you wish!), and goes on a spirituality retreat once a month (yeah - in Burma).

"Creativity is worthless if it can't be applied", he emphasizes then says that the end-all should be that "this will make us more money".

There's this part of the book on personalities to watch and avoid from turning into one in social gatherings: the wallflower (you know who that is); the ankle-hugger who shadows his/her BFF; the celebrity hound who chases the most important person at the event; the swarmy eye darter who gives you a 30-second bad sound bite and moves quickly to another person; the card dispenser/amasser who passes his card out to everyone.  

In person, Keith is a highly-engaged conversationalist like a living proof of his book. He is in his early 30s, has written another book titled "Who Watches Your Back". Yes, he is gay and I think he still resides in America.

Light-hearted thoughts for the 'networker' on a lazy Sunday.


  1. Yeah, Keith Ferrazi's "who's got your back" debunks the aphorism "it's lonely at the top." LOL

    And oh, I'm recommending the book to PNoy.

  2. Where will I find this book?

  3. Hi Drew. In the Philippines, it should be available at Powerbooks or at Fully Booked.

  4. I think it makes a lot of sense. I'd like to try the vacation and the spiritual retreat but.. does that mean I have to start working out too? Can't I just reward myself period? lol

  5. awesome! makes me wanna buy and read the book.
    a retreat once a month would be cool. though i dunno where to find available retreats to join in. anyone? =)

    [first timer here! keep it up.]

  6. Hi Nyl I believe it's up to us how we build internal spiritual strength and renewal. As long as we are aware that it is something we need.

    Bienvenue Monsieur Desole Boy

  7. Smart conversation, the way it is quickly going out of style these days, is always a mild surprise. And I don't think I'm completely blameless either. LOL.

  8. Peterrr!!!! Where are you???

    Naku, I am not fond of self-help / self-improvement books masyado. I guess people do have different preferences and while I do agree with some of their recommendations, I find it rather "hardcore selling?"

    I hope I'm making sense.

    I guess I like figuring things out on my own, the learnings come from reflection. I don't know.

    Anyway, let me know if you are in town. =)