Sunday, 15 August 2010

Holy Days

Part of the spice market within the souks
Au revoir, mes amis.We left Marrakesh just as Ramadan began. Leaving was the right decision as the City was just about to shift into holy mode and then soon its residents would be sporting long faces more out of food-deprivation from dawn to dusk than anything else. Goodbye to a colourful culture and to an equally lively people whose religious discipline I had come to admire.

Faithfulness is written all over the country and I suppose on the rest of the muslim world. I wish them well and thank them for the wonderful reception accorded me in the riad where we stayed and in the souks which I had bravely foraged. 


  1. how interesting. i always get a different picture when i go to your blog. allow me to love vicariously through your many exploits? lol

  2. Hi Nyl. Hopefully not just vicariously.

  3. I'm too white collar to do any of that. :) But it's all good. You describe it with such life, I feel like that suffices already. :)

    Where's Peter off to next?

  4. Hmmm. Here na -- somewhere in Asia. Then on home. Will post soon.