Sunday, 4 July 2010

By Chance or By Design

Nadal hoists the Wimbledon trophy once more
Several years ago, I was walking uphill from a hotel in Barcelona to my school when a small crowd literally cut through my path crossing the road. I noticed that there were television cameras following a youngish guy whom I recognized as one who was then on the fast track to tennis stardom. That was Rafael Nadal coming from a  practice session at the Barcalona tennis club. For someone posturing to superstardom and worldwide prominence, he displayed much attention and affection for the local fans that joined him that day. Had I secured his autograph or photo then, that would have been visible on this post today. Either I was more concerned with making it to class or I had doubts about his chances of rising to fame, I could today only look back on those memories. A chanced encounter with the future.

One grandslam title after another convinced me that he was destined to glory. Last month, he re-acquired the French Open title and today did the same at Wimbledon -- winning in straight sets. I have watched this year both championship matches on television thinking that I have had the chances before of watching both grandslam championships from courtside on various years. I was in both cities during the weeks when the matches took place. Those were as well missed chances.

Winning to me is always by design. The determination to win is always coupled with exceptional skill and unbowed performance. Doing something for yourself is the same thing -- always by design -- not on the wing of chance. A victim of chance will always have the opportunity to later win on the crest of desire and design.

Have a great week ahead.


  1. Like a friend of mine, I don't really get the trophy-biting at all. And the pelvic thrusting. LOL.

  2. What about a celebratory somersault?