Sunday, 13 June 2010


Symbolic of the title, I apologize for having been lost in space and time. Just around, I suddenly found myself oblivious of mundane matters (like this Blog) much like bobbing around the fizz of Neverland or Xanadu (if you like). Not even the '4 Minute' or the 'U Kiss' could bring me back. Neither was I addicted to alcohol, meth, or viagra. No it wasn't due to the lack of anything to write about but maybe due to my inability to choose which one/s. Should it be sequels to what I've previously posted or an entirely new one. OMG - this shows I don't even know who's reading. But thanks to those who have boldly joined the "allies" team -- welcome to you whose blogs I read as well -- and all others whose photos I await. Promise -- I'm back!